As vendors and exhibitors prepare for the upcoming "Made in Montana" Trade Show at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds in Helena, March 10th & 11th, comes a buyer's level of curiosity. When I learned of the trade show, my first thought was how I couldn't wait to see the beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, soaps, art and woodwork, and food for purchase. Unfortunately, my level of excitement about "the topic" tends to get me in trouble from time to time, not only with my bank account but with a reoccurring "habit" I possess. You see, I absolutely love art & craft shows, flea markets, and trade shows, so when I'm at "one," I initially set my sights on buying unique Made in Montana gifts for friends or relatives who don't reside in Montana. However, by the time I've completed my shopping experience, I have either bought that so-called "gift" for myself instead or ended up going the route of purchasing "two" of the same item; one for me and one for my out-of-state "person." Sigh. Come on; you can't blame a girl for loving the many amazing Made in Montana items designers and artists create each year! (continued)

Now, If you enjoy choosing unique, one-of-a-kind Made in Montana gifts for yourself and an out-of-state loved one as much as I do, here's what to do next: Below, see the list of Exhibitors by Category and a directory of goods expected at Helena's Made in Montana Trade Show (again, March 10th & 11th) on the Montana Department of Commerce website available RIGHT HERE -> MADE IN MONTANA CATEGORY & DIRECTORY This site will give you some great ideas for giving a gift that is authentic and meaningful. Products at the trade show include: books, pet treats, stationary, clothing, candles, jewelry, food, beverages, toys, games, backpacks, pottery, photography, visual arts, soaps, luggage, souvenirs, cosmetics, housewares, and more...ALL MADE IN MONTANA. If you're interested in learning more about becoming a trade show vendor or exhibitor in the near future, check out this State of Montana link MT TRADE SHOW (IMPORTANT REMINDER BELOW)

***Please note that the Made in Montana Trade Show at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds (98 West Custer Avenue, Helena) is reserved for Wholesale Buyers from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, March 10th.  However, for retail purchases, the general public is invited to attend on Saturday, March 11th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Free parking and admission will be available.

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