The month of May is going to bring a wide variety of activities and events to Butte's Belmont Center.

On Wednesday, May 10, hearing aid cleaning with Robin will get underway at 10:30am.  The AARP driving course is set for Thursday, May 11 starting at 9am.  If you are looking for help with your cell phone, laptop or mobile device, "Tech Tips" will take place Tuesday, May 16 offering one-on-one tutoring and remember that blood pressure screenings are Friday mornings at 11am.  If you're feeling creative, "Craft Circle with Lorisa" will be taking place on Tuesday, May 9 and again on Tuesday the 23rd and remember that Crochet Class is every Thursday at 1pm.  Wood Carvers meet on Thursdays from 8:30 to 10:30 you can always come up early on Tuesdays for coffee and cinnamon rolls for just a buck from 8 until 10:30am.

Stay fit with "Sneaker Exercise" every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 to 11am (only $1.50 per class) and stick around for Bingo, also played on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 1pm.  Pinochle is played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays also starting at 1pm and, of course, lunch is served Mondays thru Fridays.  Speaking of food, a special Mother's Day turkey dinner will be served for lunch on May 11 and the monthly "Birthday Dinner" will be served.  Lunch starts at 12 noon.

Need a ride to an appointment?  Transportation is available from 9 to 11 Mondays thru Fridays, $5 round trip or $3 one way, please call at least 24-hours in advance.


The Belmont will be closed this month on Friday, May 12 and again on Monday, May 29 for Memorial Day.

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