The possibilities are endless when shopping for one-of-a-kind, inexpensive items in the surrounding area! From boutique and consignment shops to second-hand, retail, grocery, convenience, and antique stores, Butte and Anaconda have their share of stand-out venues! Then there are "thrift shops"! These are stores that fall under the category of charitable organizations in one way or another. So while people enjoy the idea of saving money and rummaging for cool finds at thrift stores, they're actually doing so much more; helping out individuals in need throughout the community. Although some thrift shops have unfortunately closed over the years in the vicinity, three in Butte and Anaconda have stayed strong! (continued...)

First up, BSW Thrift Store at 2310 Cobban Street in Butte! Since 1999 this non-profit thrift store has been part of the Butte community! BSW Thrift Store is an extension of Butte Shelter Workshop Incorporated (BSW Inc.), which began in 1964 to help serve the area's developmentally disabled. As for the selection and sales available at BSW Thrift Store, the word "heyday" comes to mind! You'll find everything and anything in a remodeled and expanded store. You name it, they have it; gently used furniture, clothes, shoes, knick-knacks, jewelry, electronics, and more! Plus, they offer BOGO specials and "bag day" specials twice a year, with their next one happening April 24th! Learn more about BSW Thrift Store by calling (406) 723-2309. (more below)

Now, onto Goodwill in Butte! As indicated on their website, there are currently 165 Goodwill organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Recognized as Easter Seals-Goodwill, their mission is to teach adults with learning disabilities how to achieve daily living skills, help low-income individuals find meaningful jobs, and assist elderly citizens with household chores. Thrift stores such as Goodwill have made it possible to provide the services listed above, and that's because they offer plenty of charitable and gently used items from bedding, clothing, furniture, and everything in between. For more information, contact Goodwill (3703 Harrison Avenue in Butte) at (406) 533-0021. (keep scrolling)

Next up, the Anaconda Thrift Center! For decades the Anaconda Thrift Center (501 E Park) has served not only the community of Anaconda-Deer Lodge County but many visitors making a stop there during their travels to the Pintler area. An added feature to the Anaconda Thrift Center is their Abundant Montana Food Pantry. So besides finding a great selection of donated garments, kitchenware, toys, framed artwork, books, and more, you'll have a chance to choose from various food items ranging from local produce, dairy, and meat, plus canned and dry goods. More details about the Anaconda Thrift Center can be maintained by calling (406) 563-3537. (disclaimer below)

So, if you have shopped or donated to any of the stores listed above, be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for inadvertently helping out your neighbors!

***A reminder that the thrift stores mentioned above are grateful for donations. However, some listed have different times and days they accept them. If you're interested in donating, please reach out to the above organizations in advance*** Thank you

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