If there are young children in your house, chances are your refrigerator has been turned into a makeshift art gallery.  As the parent of an adult child, let me tell you that while those memories may seem small, those little drawings mean the world once your child is grown.  Marley's Paint & Party knows the value of childhood art and they are putting something together especially for mothers and daughters on Mother's Day.  Give the "Mommy & Me Paint Party" some consideration for art that you can do with your daughter that will be cherished for years to come.

Doesn't this sound like a great idea?  Especially if you're looking for ways to do more things with your daughter and are having trouble coming up with ideas that you'll both enjoy.  At this party you will both be set up with a canvas and supplies and will paint 2 different parts of what will be combined into a single work of art.  But what if you have more than one daughter?  Not a problem at all.  Extra canvasses, supplies and paint are available for purchase and you can simply make your final piece a 3 or even 4-part affair.  Your imagination is your only limitation.  The paint party is even open to adult daughters so don't let age hold you back.

Registration for this event is required and if you and your daughter want a space held for you we recommend getting signed up now.  The paint party is scheduled to run from 1 to 3 in the afternoon and you can register here.

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