Were you watching last Monday night's NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals?  Even if you didn't you have undoubtedly heard about the on-field cardiac arrest suffered by Bills safety Damar Hamlin which was broadcast for the world to see.  Many witnessed Hamlin collapse to the turf where he would lie for several minutes before being taken to the hospital by ambulance.  The game would be suspended and a shocked nation would take to social media to talk about what they just witnessed.  Although Hamlin was almost immediately attended to, what was immediately apparent was how quickly tragedy can strike and how a fast response simply can save a life.

But what if this tragedy did not take place in a professional sports setting with medical personnel closely on hand?  What if this happened at a restaurant where you were enjoying a meal?  What if it was happening to one of your children?  What if nobody in the room knew CPR?  Would your present knowledge of CPR be enough to keep your loved one alive until medical personnel arrive?  Do you really want to take that chance?

The Butte Family YMCA can prepare you to handle a medical emergency such as a stroke, heart attack or choking.  Even diabetic emergencies.  While EMTs, firefighters, athletic trainers and lifeguards are duty-bound to know these procedures, you should have training as well, particularly if you are a parent or child of an elderly parent.  The CPR/AED program at the YMCA is certified through the American Red Cross and provides you with the skills you need to assess the situation to providing care.  For details on how to register, stop by the Butte Family YMCA at 2975 Washoe, call (406) 782-1266 or email buttefamilyymca@gmail.com.

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