The Butte Family YMCA is wrapping up their registration for a youth volleyball league this Friday, March 8th.  This league is open to boys and girls in the 1st through 4th grades, is scheduled for an 8-week season and, as is typical with YMCA programs, will teach much more than the fundamentals of the game.

Of course, the primary emphasis will be learning the basics of volleyball and having fun competing against other teams, but YMCA programs are also about teaching teamwork and good sportsmanship while having fun with new and old friends.  The 8-week season will start on March 18 with two weeks of practice followed by five weeks of games and practices.  The final week of the season will consist of two games and will commence on May 10th.  Games will be played on Mondays and Wednesdays with practice dates and times scheduled by the YMCA being held throughout the week.  Practice schedules and team rosters will be given out during the week of March 11-15.  Requests for particular coaches or teams will not be honored and the teams will have no affiliation with schools.  There will be no practice or games will be held March 29th through April 1st in observance of Easter.  Game sites and practice locations TBD.

YMCA youth volleyball is open to members and nonmembers alike.  The fee is $65 for members, $95 for nonmembers and can be made in person at the Butte Family YMCA, 2975 Washoe.  Volunteer coaches are vital to this program.  If you are interested in coaching a team, please contact Sports Director Amy Schulte at (406) 782-1266.

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