The following review of Orphan Girl Children's Theatre Mary Poppins Jr. stage performance comes to us courtesy of Josh Peck.
Photo: Townsquare Labs
Photo: Townsquare Labs
Thursday was the opening night of Orphan Girl Children's Theater run of Mary Poppins Jr., the audience was treated to a delightful performance filled with music, dancing, and an array of talented actors. Based on the stage play and not the movie, the show features some of the favorite tunes like "Supercalifragilisticexpalidocious," "Let's Go Fly a Kite," "Feed the Birds" and "Spoonful of Sugar."
Charli Cox steals the show as Mary Poppins, delivering a marvelous performance that captures the essence of the character. Marley Hamblin, who plays Bert, also gives a fantastic performance. Kinsley Kelly and Shamus Peck deliver exceptional performances as the Banks children, Jane and Michael.
Play and Theater Director Elizabeth Mangham Crase deserves a special mention for putting together an incredible show. The production quality was excellent, and the audience was engaged throughout the performance. Newland and Company, the show's producer, also deserves recognition for supporting such an excellent production.
The cast features almost 40 local area kids who all did an outstanding job on stage. The audience couldn't help but sing along to the catchy tunes and tap their feet to the beat of the music.
The show runs until Sunday, May 7th, with evening performances on Friday, Saturday, and Thursday to Saturday next week. There is also a Sunday matinee performance on both weekends. For those who are interested in attending the show, tickets are available at OrphanGirl.Org. Overall, Mary Poppins Jr. at the Orphan Girl Children's Theater is a must-see show for anyone who loves musical theater.

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