As the Montana Grizzlies prepare to take on the South Dakota State Jackrabbits this weekend for the national championship, folks in Missoula are once again going crazy with bizarre, opponent-themed entrees being served up by a local eatery.  Our friends over at Townsquare Missoula told us about the Thomas Meagher Bar and their reputation for trolling opponents with their menu.  A couple of weeks ago they served bison burgers as the Griz faced the North Dakota State Bison in a playoff semifinal.  Well, the Griz won and now, as they prepare for the Jackrabbits, the Thomas Meagher Bar is serving a rabbit and sausage gumbo for fans watching the championship game.

Now I know that rabbit has been and is now a part of some Montanan's diets.  I just don't happen to know any.  So, it strikes me as a little bit, well, gamey.  I've never had rabbit myself and it got me to thinking, how far would the Thomas Meaher and the folks in the Garden City be willing to take this?

What if the Griz had to play...



The UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs.  Okay, for many, eating insects isn't anything new.  In fact, my friend with the tinfoil hat says that's what our hidden, evil overlords have planned for us anyway.  But is a slug an insect?  Could you, or would you, realistically eat a slug?  I don't know about an opening round playoff game, but if a championship is on the line I could see it happening.


Photo: Townwsquare Labs/Anup Shah
Photo: Townwsquare Labs/Anup Shah

The Pittsburg State Gorillas.  From Pennsylvania?  No.  There is no "h" in this Pittsburg and there are no gorillas in Pennsylvania.  This team is from southeast Kansas, where gorillas apparently run rampant.  I believe that since we are distantly related to gorillas, some more closely than others, there are laws on the books against eating them.  Even if you did, you would never again be able to play Donkey Kong in good conscience.


Kangaroo posing very much like a human
Photo: Townsquare Labs/Smileus

How this institution of higher learning got a kangaroo as its' mascot will be saved for another time.  This would definitely be the hardest type of meat to import.  Or catch in the wild.  Especially in Missouri where you'd have to imagine they're busy running and hiding from all of the gorillas from Kansas.  I don't know about eating one but did you see that video of the guy fighting one?  Hilarious.


Black and White African Elephant Head Isolated on a White Background
Photo: Townsquare Labs/Donvanstaden

This year, thankfully, the University of Alabama has been involved in a different playoff than the Griz.  So, they're safe.  For now.  But what if Montana moved up a classification and wound up playing the Crimson Tide?  Well, they're historically one of the most powerful football programs in the nation and their mascot is an elephant.  So I guess we'd do both... one bite at a time.

Good luck to the Montana Grizzlies in this weekend's National Championship game.  Bon Appetit!

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