It's hard to rationalize or make sense out of any cancer death, particularly when the victim is a young, vibrant and eager young boy.  There simply is no way to make any sense of it.  Earlier this year, Butte lost a 7-year-old hero, but not before he got to meet some of his idols and role models who were touched as much by him as he was by them.  Hulk Schow was fascinated by first responders.  He idolized policemen and firefighters and loved to see and learn about all emergency services workers.  Hulk's enthusiasm and outgoing personality made him a favorite of those he visited.  So much so that Whiteline Consulting and Training is looking for a scholarship to be given away in his name. The following is from a social media post:  "With permission from his parents we are looking for donations to offer a scholarship to a registered (must already be registered for the course to be eligible) EMT student for the upcoming course in May. The first day of class is also Hulks Birthday."  (Hulk's birhday is May 5 and in a related story, a celebration of life has been planned.)

To apply for the scholarship the student will write an essay on why they want to be an EMT and their goal as an EMT. Hulks parents and Whiteline staff will pick the essay winner.  Donors are needed as well.  If you or your organization would like to donate, checks can be mailed to Whiteline Training at 305 W. Mercury Street, suite 304 here in Butte, MT  59701.

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