The date is set for Saturday, March 25 for the Keith Garrett Jr. Family benefit which will be taking place at Butte Brewery, 465 E. Galena, from 4 until 8 pm.  Keith Garrett is a young father who for the better part of a decade has been battling the horrible disease of Multiple Sclerosis.  MS attacks the body's central nervous system and in Keith's case, it has taken the use of his legs as he is paralyzed from the waist down.  While there is no known cure for MS, we can come together to make Keith's present dilemma at least more manageable.  A mobility vehicle would provide much needed relief and this modest goal is what this family has in their sights.

graphic courtesy Stephanie Kazmierczak
graphic courtesy Stephanie Kazmierczak

The Garrett Family began when Keith and his lovely wife Amanda were married in 2002, two years after graduating from Butte High School. Over a few years, their clan quickly grew to 6 with the addition of their three beautiful daughters, Olivia, Haley and Annabelle and their son, Keith.  In 2014, Keith received his diagnosis and, in the time since, the disease has taken its toll on the entire family.  You can help ease their burden by attending the benefit at Butte Brewery from 4 to 8pm on Saturday, March 25 where proceeds from "Pint Night" will benefit the Garrett family and a silent auction will also be held.  Presently, the family is looking for silent auction items and this is where you can help.  If you would like to make a donation of any sort, please get ahold of Stephanie Kazmierczak at (724)841-4542 or email  Businesses and individual donations are welcome, and your help will be greatly appreciated by a young Butte family who could use it right now.

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