Today we officially end the preseason and work towards the first games, matches and meets of the season.  And the Bulldogs are going big.  This afternoon and through the evening the Butte Bulldogs will be putting late summer practices to the test as the football team hosts the annual Purple and White scrimmage, the cross country team puts on their varsity time trial, the volleyball team holds intrasquad scrimmages and both boys and girls soccer teams will scrimmage.  In addition to the scrimmages, the Butte Athletic Council invites you to a complimentary barbecue starting at 5pm at Naranche Stadium.  Let's take a look at what's happening today.


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Today's volleyball scrimmages will be held in the Butte High School Main Gymnasium and will begin with the Frosh vs. Frosh match at 3pm.  At 3:40pm the Frosh Purple will take on the Sophomores, the Frosh White squad plays the Sophomores at 4:20pm and the JVs will play the varsity team at 5pm.


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The cross country time trials will start at 3 this afternoon for both the boys and girls and will finish at Naranche Stadium.


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Both the boys and the girls will scrimmage this evening at Naranche Stadium with the boys scrimmage scheduled from 5pm to 6pm and the girls going from 5:15pm to 6:15pm.


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The annual Purple and White Scrimmage is scheduled for a 7pm start at Naranche Stadium.

All athletes, parents, family and fans of the Butte Bulldogs are also cordially invited to be the guests of the Butte Athletic Council at their annual barbecue at 5pm.  Food will be provided by the BAC.

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