These days, just finding a seat for a Sunday breakfast here in Butte can be quite the undertaking.  And with some of the best places for breakfast you're going to find anywhere in Montana, it's understandable and always worth the wait.  But Mother's Day here in the Mining City is a different story entirely.  First of all, most of us will be dining in a bigger group than usual which can cause wait times to increase, if you can find a restaurant that can seat you to begin with.  Because the restaurants are going to be filled to the brim and a lot of them might not even be accepting reservations any longer, if at all.  And have you seen the prices at the places that are offering buffets?  If that's the route you choose, you're going to be shelling out some dough no matter the size of your party.


What if I told you that you could feed the whole family, on Mother's Day even, in a great place for a very reasonable amount?  Even better, what if I told you that choosing this place would help out one of the oldest volunteer fire departments in town?  Well, that's exactly what's happening.  The Centerville Volunteer Fire Department is holding their 26th Annual Mother's Day Breakfast at the Butte Elks Lodge at 206 W. Galena St. from 9am until noon.  Guests will be served pancakes, scrambled eggs along with bacon or sausage and coffee along with coffee, milk and juice.  Adults will be served for $10, kids 6 to 12 are $5 and those under 5 eat free.  Families will be admitted for $25.

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