If there's one organization in town that it's easy to like, it's got to be the Spay-Neuter Task Force.  Not only is the work they do incredibly important when you consider the number of potential strays and unwanted pets that would most likely wind up feral or on the streets, their work is all volunteer.  Everything from the anesthesia to to marketing materials and any money that is given to veterinarians comes from funds that they raise themselves.


Tomorrow will be the final day of their huge garage sale that is taking place at the Big Butte Fire Hall on Lexington and organizer Phyllis Hargrave is excited about what's happening.  "The sale will be running Saturday from 8am until 1pm. We will take cash and checks and all of the profits go to the Butte Spay and Neuter Task Force, our clinics and our expenses."  When asked what was for sale up there, she told us, "We have artwork, tons of dishes, books, household items, you name it.  Most of this stuff we've had leftover from previous garage sales and there have been many people who have contributed through the years."  It is in that respect that they are currently looking for available space to store what is leftover and possibly host future garage sales.  "We need a storefront or a large safe garage to keep it in or we will have to disperse it all.  Something like an empty storefront would be great."

Can you help with a purchase or, better yet, an available garage or building for their surplus storage?  Stop by the garage sale tomorrow at the Big Butte Volunteer Fire Hall at 945 Lexington.

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