The incredible staff at the World Museum of Mining have always been a determined crew! Unfortunately, this season they're level of determination has been tested by the fact that they may not be able to open their doors to the public in a few days as planned. The factor getting in the way? The weather! It didn't matter that the first day of Spring was March 20th. No, old man winter has his claws dug in deep and it's hard to tell when he'll let go. But, I'll say it again...the World Museum of Mining is determined. Yes, in true form, organizers are working hard to get the museum as ready as possible for the proposed April 1st opening date by conducting training, scheduling and routine cleaning. As we know all too well, the cold temperatures have made snow removal very difficult in many areas around town, and this includes the grounds at the World Museum of Mining. After all, the safety of visitors is their first priority. (continued...)

For more information including hours of operation, tickets and their tour schedule, check out their site hereWORLD MUSEUM
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