According to the meteorologists with great hair, we might actually see some spring-like weather soon. The forecast is calling for POSSIBLY 50-degree temperatures the beginning of next week, so cross your fingers.

People look forward to spring and summer for a myriad of reasons. Here in the Butte area, I know a lot of people can’t wait for days to get longer (and warmer) so they can start making the trip out to the Silver Bow Drive-in.

attachment-Silver bow drive in

The Silver Bow Drive-in has been operated by the Hansen Family since 1977, when they installed the first screen. In 1980 a second screen was added, making it the first twin drive-in theatre in Montana.

The Silver Bow drive-in has been a summer staple in Southwest Montana for decades, and its popularity only increased during Covid.

The Silver Bow Drive-In will open again this Spring, you can keep track of their opening, and their movie schedule on their website HERE.

Silver Bow Drive-In - photo credit Colton Stiffler
Silver Bow Drive-In - photo credit Colton Stiffler

The Pharaohplex Drive-in in Corvallis is a one-screen drive-in. It is actually a screen on the side of the Pharaoplex theatre that was constructed to show movies during the Covid pandemic. The first movie shown on the outdoor screen was shown on July 1, 2020. You can check their website HERE for updates.

The Valley-View drive-in is located in Helena and uses an inflatable screen for movie viewing. It is located on the corner of E.Loren Rd. and Applegate Dr. in the Helena valley. You can get information about Valley View Drive-in on their website HERE, you can also sign up for email updates as well.

The Starlight Drive-in in Bozeman reopened in 2020 for one summer, and decided to close for the time being. (hopefully to return in the future)

According to there are seven permanently closed Montana Drive-ins. The Amusement Park Drive-in in Billings. Midway Drive-In in Columbia Falls, Westernaire Drive-In in Lewistown (which was opened in 1944), the Libby Drive-in, the Go West Drive-in in Missoula, the Sunset Drive-in in Plentywood, and the Prairie Drive-in in Terry.

In case you want to take a REAL road trip, google Montana Drive-in, and it will land you at a drive-in theatre in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

You are going to need some extra snacks for that trip.

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