You don't have to look far to find things in Southwest Montana that you just aren't going to find in many other places.  World class fishing and camping literally lie only minutes from town.  Butte's unique mining history and the Uptown Historic District offer incredible stories, tours, shopping, and the kind of architecture that, well, you're just not going to find in many other places.

The Mountain Con headframe sits above Uptown Butte bearing a dear motto. Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
The Mountain Con headframe sits above Uptown Butte bearing a dear motto. Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

Another thing we enjoy, sometimes to the point where it is almost taken for granted, is the Silver Bow Drive-In.  Since 1977, the Silver Bow Drive-In has provided families from all across Southwest Montana with not only the newest and hottest summer releases from Hollywood, but on two, giant outdoor movie screens in a setting that Hollywood itself can only describe.  The Silver Bow Drive-In is Montana at its finest.  Plus, they have never gone overboard with either their admission prices or their concessions.  If you want to bring the whole family to the movies, you simply are not going to beat this place.

It looks like the Silver Bow Drive-In could potentially have a new neighbor.  A Facebook post from earlier today says that a development company is looking at putting a "convenience store with fuel sales" on 17 acres of land next to the drive-in on the interstate exit.  Responses on the post have been mixed.  Many are against the idea and want officials and media to know about it.

That would be awful. Shared and emailed. Reach out to the media - Marcy Joyce

Others say it will be of little inconvenience and are in favor of moving forward.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons! Now come on I do not see a problem in conveniently installing a convenience store near the drive-in as long as they Point their lights in the right direction and keep their beer really cold I think it's a stupendous and groovy idea and I believe your complaints are to be unfounded and just plain old silly... - Shawn Roxx Hoskins

What are your thoughts?  Is this going to be just a small convenience store or are we talking about a major truck stop?  How will that affect the drive-in and their patrons?  Let us know your thoughts or concerns in the comments.

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