One of the biggest and craziest events of the winter is the annual "Polar Plunge" which has been growing in popularity and raising funds for Special Olympics Montana since 1999.  The Polar Plunge is a law enforcement Torch Run signature event and every year you can count on not only Police Officers and State Troopers to take part, but Jailers, Dispatch, support staff, EMTs and even members of the public have "taken the plunge" in years' past.  Since 1999, over 11,000 participants have raised over $350,000 for Special Olympics Montana.

Are you interested in taking part?  Here is how you can take the first steps either as an individual or as part of a team.  If you have any questions. please contact Amy Bliss, the Law Enforcement Torch Run Director, at or call (406) 315-4212.

This year, the Polar Plunge will take place on January 20th with the exact time and location still being determined, and Butte's first responders are having a competition to see which department can raise the most money.  Here's who's taking part so far.

BUTTE-SILVER BOW POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Police Officers - Will Link, Connor Miller, Ben Girdler.  Detention Officers - Mike Regan, Tess Grimes, Traci Adams, Rebecca Burke.  Dispatcher - Mario Ugetti

BUTTE-SILVER BOW FIRE DEPARTMENT:  Firefighters - Austin Perry, Selena Sherman

BUTTE PROBATION AND PAROLE:  Officers - Jorey Thatcher, Cody LeProwse, Bill Barry, Colin Knigh

BUTTE A1 AMBULANCE:  EMTs - Alexis Simpkins, Andrea Joan Mavrinac, Tommijo McGillvray, Halyee Kropp, Joslyn Haran, Alaric Greil, Jase Hoffman



We'll keep you posted once a location and time have been finalized but make plans to cheer these brave folks on or get a team together yourself.

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