To break up the monotony this holiday, take in a night of Trivia or Singo at the Butte Elks Lodge next week. Sandwiched between Christmas and New Year, these events will help you unwind from the stress of the season! Trivia Night gets underway on Wednesday, December 28th. It's a chance to test your "suave savvy" against family members and friends. One problem, though; your friends and family might not talk to you for a while after you kick their "you know what" in a game of Trivia! This event is a benefit for the Butte Public Library to help with library materials and programs. While the library is also set to provide questions during Trivia Night, the Butte Elks Lodge will be on board with plenty of refreshments. Hmmm, an ice-cold one could make for better trivia answers! Remember, that's Trivia Night on December 28th at the Butte Elks Lodge beginning at 6:30 p.m. (but wait, there's more below...)

Also underway at the Butte Elks Lodge on Thursday, December 29th, show off your vocal skills with a game or two of "SINGO". Singo is basically musical bingo, and nothing says "stress relief", like busting out a tune! That's right. You can sing to your heart's content and, in the process, release some of those endorphins that have had you pent up over the last few weeks. All participants for Singo must be 18 years of age or older. So, there you have it! Two fun ways to unwind and enjoy friends and family in the process. That's Trivia Night and Singo at the Butte Elks Lodge (206 W. Galena) next Wednesday and Thursday!

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