There is a show coming up in Anaconda you need to know about.  Even better, a free show being put on by some talented youngsters from the Smelter City, one that you should definitely check out.  We received the following release from Suzanne Konicek of the Copper Village Museum and Arts Center in Anaconda:

The OPEN THEATRE PROJECT in conjunction with The Copper Village Museum and Ars Center will be presenting a free Theatre For Young Audiences Performance on April 1st.  The production, ANANSI, THE CLEVER SPIDER will be presented at 1:00 in the Anaconda Jr. Sr High School Little Theatre.

The performance is based on characters from West African folk stories.  Written by Claudia Haas, the show centers around a spider named Anansi who must complete a quest in order to obtain all of the stories of the world to pass on to people everywhere.  A classic “trickster” character, Anansi must use his wits to defeat several creatures of the jungle before completing his task.  Fortunately, he has the help of his clever wife Osa who assists him as he meets many challenges along the way.

Featuring a cast of Anaconda students, this Open Theatre Project Outreach the performance appropriate for ages 5 and up.  Admission is free.  Call 533-5369 for more information.

The cast consists of four dedicated and talented youngsters.  They are Cameron Hempstead, Azlyn Killoy, Saydee Wyant, and AJ Wyant.  Let's show them the kind of support that they deserve and would greatly appreciate.  Get to Anaconda April 1 and check out this show.

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