Okay, it's not often that we spend a lot of time talking about the opening act of a big show, but these guys aren't just any opening act.  Fans geared up for the Everclear concert to close out Brawls and Kickstart Days this weekend at the Butte Civic Center should definitely show up on time as Belgrade's False Fiction has just been announced as the show's openers and these guys are worth checking out.

False Fiction is a very young band, but their set list has its foundation in some of the great hard rock bands of the 80s. Bands like Ratt, Dokken and Warrant.  And they cover a lot of songs that even older, more established Southwest Montana bands for one reason or another don't cover.  But it's not what they cover, but how they cover it.  These boys have done their homework.  The know the songs.  They know them well.   And they are flat-out good.

Who is False Fiction?  Well, Brayden Bryan, 18 is the vocalist.  You will find Tegan Gates, 17, on lead guitar and Ethan Oddy, 16, on rhythm guitar. Jordan Richards, 16, is the bass guitarist and twin brother Jaiden Richards is the drummer. Tegan, Jordan and Jaiden live in same neighborhood just down the road in Belgrade and decided to form a band in 2019. They brought Ethan on in 2022 and then just added Brayden in March of this year. All of the boys, minus Ethan, sing in the high school choir. Jordan and Jaiden also play their respective instruments in the Church band.

Marcus Richards, the drummer of Check Engine Light, has brought the band onto the Butte music scene where they dropped jaws at the Ken Rich benefit at the Elks earlier this year and again at the jam session following the Butte Rock Fest last July.  Richards, naturally, is a proud Dad.  "I have been telling the twins since there were little that I would have a bassist and a drummer as that is the foundation of music," he said, as any true drummer would.

Doors open at 6, music at 7pm.  Here is a link to tickets.

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