Here in the Mining City, helping people is simply a way of life.  Despite the really nice weather we've been enjoying, think back to last winter.  Have you ever seen anyone stuck in the snow and not see several other drivers get out of their vehicles, some with shovels, to help the poor, stuck driver?  It rarely happens.  The same with medical benefits and raffles.  If someone in Butte is in need, the community answers, plain and simple.


Odds are you know somebody that is making a difference in making our community a better, safer, drug-free community.  From local leaders leading prevention efforts to the teachers who are working with our youth every day, the folks at Butte Cares want these people to be recognized for the good that they bring.  Here are the nomination categories:

  • Local Government/Law Enforcement
  • Butte Cares Coalition Member
  • Education (school/teacher/administrator)
  • Youth
  • Business/Organization
  • Community Member

Indeed, this covers a wide range.  Those being recognized are those who "exemplify the importance of working together to build a safe, healthy and drug-free community".  Who do you want to nominate?  Please include their first and last names, the category and why you feel they are deserving of this award.  Nominations are due by Friday, May 24th and can be sent to, dropped off or sent to Butte Cares office at 305 W. Mercury, Suite 301 here in Butte.  If you have any questions, please call Butte Cares at (406) 565-5226.

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