Getting a mammogram is so much more than a routine medical procedure.  In the fight against breast cancer, mammography can spot abnormalities in breast tissue at it's earliest stages, sometimes even before symptoms appear.  Early detection of abnormalities is key as treatment options and the rate of survival are at their highest in early stages.  Mammograms can identify high-risk individuals and can guide treatment options should cancer be discovered.  To put it all in the simplest terms, mammograms save lives.  And with the relative ease of accessing preventative medicine there really is no reason to putting off having a mammogram is you have not yet done so this year, particularly when mammograms are covered by most insurance plans.  And now there is a new, easy way to get one.

St. James Healthcare's Mobile Mammography Coach is yet another way for you to say goodbye to excuses and hello to good breast health with one of these simple 20-minute screenings.  These are done right there on the Coach, using the same 3D Mammography Imaging equipment that they use on their on-campus site.  The Mobile Mammography Coach will be at Butte's Belmont Senior Center at 615 E. Mercury on April 3rd from 10am until 2pm. Results are confidential and will be mailed directly to you and your health care provider.  If you would like to schedule your appointment, please call (406) 723-2950, extension #1.  Mammograms can also be performed at St. James Healthcare Women's Imaging at 400 South Clark Street.  Don't put it off, make the call and get your yearly mammogram scheduled today.

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