As one who works in a fast-paced media environment, I am very familiar with strict deadlines and working under pressure.  That is, I thought I was until I read about the Ten24 play series that is coming to the Covellite Theater next Saturday, June 1.  What they're doing makes my work look like child's play.  And since this is in conjunction with the Orphan Girl Children's Theater, many of those who are taking part in this literally are kids.  So, that kind of adds insult to injury.

Wordplay aside, the Ten24 really redefines what the word "deadline" means.  So here's what's happening.  Next Friday, May 31st at 6pm, ten playwrights will assemble at the Orphan Girl and draw play suggestions out of a hat.  There they will remain for the next 12 hours writing ten short plays that will be handed over to ten directors who, in turn, must cast, produce and direct these works during the next 12 hours.  Writers, directors, actors, stage managers and technicians (and I would guess a few Doordashers) will work together to pull this all off in just 24 hours.  The performances will start at 6pm on Saurday, June 1st at the Covellite Theater.  Ten short plays that literally came from ideas pulled from a hat just 24 hours prior.  That is what working under pressure and teamwork is all about.

Seating is general admission and the doors open at 5:30pm.  Tickets are available online for $20 for advance orders.  The price online and at the door on June 1st wil be $30.  Students and seniors will be admitted at the door for $15 with proper ID.  The Covellite will also be unveiling their 2024-25 lineup throughout the evening.

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