Music enthusiasts, there are many reasons to rock out! The upcoming event, "Rock the Pit", is by far one of the most important reasons to do just that! As provided by All Events and The Butte Elks Lodge, "Rock the Pit", October 8th at the Butte Elks Lodge, is a benefit dedicated to the memory of Perry Schelin, a local resident and musician who passed away in January after succumbing to brain cancer. A family man and multi-faceted musician, Schelin was loved throughout the community and extended his admiration of music as a founding member of the band Miles Crossing.

His journey as a vocalist and guitar player, led him to produce a music CD and earned Miles Crossing the opportunity to open for many acts including the band Buckcherry at the Butte Civic Center in 2014.

The importance of "Rock the Pit" rings true because it is also a fundraiser to recognize youth in our community. With the help of Butte Cares, proceeds from this show will go toward the purchase of musical equipment for struggling youth in Montana. Donations can also be made on Paypal at rocktopfan. "Rock the Pit" is a performance for those 14 years of age and older and is guaranteed to provide two things: plenty of great music and a sense of community.

Again, this benefit festival happens October 8th at the Butte Elks Lodge at 4 pm. Cost is only $15 dollars per person, so bring your dancing shoes for a day set aside to pay tribute to Perry Schelin, all while helping children realize their passions. Now, that's music to anyone's ears.

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